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Superfamily Zn peptidases
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Succinylglutamate desuccinylase.
based on mapping to UniProt Q87Q40
N-succinyl-L-glutamate + H(2)O = succinate + L-glutamate.
-!- N(2)-acetylglutamate is not a substrate. -!- The final enzyme in the arginine succinyltransferase (AST) pathway for the catabolism of arginine. -!- This pathway converts the carbon skeleton of arginine into glutamate, with the concomitant production of ammonia and conversion of succinyl-CoA into succinate and CoA. -!- The five enzymes involved in this pathway are EC, EC, EC, EC and EC

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Vibrio parahaemolyticus RIMD 2210633
Succinylglutamate desuccinylase

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Organism Escherichia
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X-ray structure of succinylglutamate desuccinalase from Vibrio Parahaemolyticus (RIMD 2210633) at the resolution 2.3 A, Northeast Structural Genomics Target Vpr14
Kuzin, A.P., Abashidze, M., Forouhar, F., Benach, J., Zhou, W., Acton, T., Xiao, R., Conover, K., Ma, L.C., Kellie, R., Cunningham, K.E., Montelione, G.T., Tong, L., Hunt, J.F.
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