CATH-AlphaFlow ISMB/ECCB 2023 Tutorial

CATH-AlphaFlow is a Nextflow pipeline developed by CATH and the UCL Advanced Research Computing Centre. The pipeline runs various modules of a new version of CATH-Assign, called CATH-AF-CLI. Each module can be ran individually, or as batches via NextFlow.

The tutorial on CATH-Alphaflow is freely available at: https://colab.research.google.com/drive/1dm8uHuUXMKS_Xn4O7gyB8Oz__WZVYPxi?usp=sharing (Authored by Dr. Nicola Bordin)

Introduction to CATH database 2021 (a virtual course)

This course is developed in collaboration with EMBI-EBI training portal. This can be accessed freely from: https://www.ebi.ac.uk/training/online/courses/introduction-to-cath-database/

(Authored by: Professor Christine Orengo, Dr. Ian Sillitoe, Dr. Vaishali Waman, Ajay Mishra)

Data curation tutorials and training programs at the Orengo lab

  1. Domain Chopping (DomChop) Criteria -This tutorial will introduce you to the manual curation process for domain chopping. This tutorial is regularly used during annual summer training programs, at the Orengo lab.
  2. Superfamily Naming exercise (Last updated in Sept 2023) - This tutorial will introduce you to superfamily naming annotation process. This documentation is regularly used and updated by Summer intern students, during annual summer training programs, conducted at the Orengo lab.

Biochemistry Society Workshop 2016

Old Tutorials

  • Search Engine Tutorial - This tutorial will give you an introduction to how to use the CATH search engine and what information you can expect to derive from it.